Lost Love and Friendships

I know it's the past now


But it's really hard for me to believe 


How much we've changed  Regardless of all this change The memories I had with you    Were probably the best I've ever had   And even though I know things will probably   Never return to what they were before   I would never give up this pain that I'm going through today   If it means you could be in my life   You were worth a million times this pain   Even though the climax is over at this moment in time   And we aren't that close anymore    I know things could be different going into the afterlife.   Maybe things will be go back to the way they were   They might even be better   But whether they are or aren't    I'm honored to have had you in my life   Whether you were a leaf   Or whether you could still be a branch   In my tree of life   I don't care how cliche this sounds   But I will never stop loving you   You were the biggest reason I'm the way I am    And I am, for the most part, proud of how we turned out 




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