Lost in Love

I see it everywhere

Kissing, hugging

Holding hands

Everything a couple does.

I see it everywhere

Except for me.

Alone is all I will ever be.

No relationship has ever found me.


I strive to find a spark with a man,

A future to last forever.

Movies make me want to scream-

Why everyone but me?


I have never been kissed,

Never been held,

It is all so foreign to me.

But I see it everywhere

There to tournament me.


I think he likes me,

I am always wrong.

Wanting never succeeds.

People tell me to wait:

When I least expect it I will receive.

How can I follow that rule?

If all I think about is love,


And romance.


I want it so badly it has become like oxygen

Not able to live without.

So I mope around


It does a number on me

Because I fell alone forever,

Love has never found me.


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