Lost boy

When you were just little

You would wander around the house

You would play dress up and barbies

Always as quiet as a mouse


You were always mommy’s baby

We were together all the time

I knew you were going to be special

My forever partner in crime


As you started to get older

I needed to protect you

I never wanted you to feel different

I just didn’t have a clue


Were you just a lost boy?

Trying to figure out where you fit?

Were you a boy who loved dolls,

preferring a pink and purple outfit?


I didn’t know how you suffered

I didn’t know how you cried

You stayed inside of your room

The real you trying to hide


No, you never were a lost boy

The truth came out so strong 

You told your mom that day

What I truly knew all along


Your smile was enormous

Your courage unmistakable 

You said, “mom, I am a woman”

and I knew you were unbreakable


Your path will not always be easy

You will feel pain along the way

But I will be there for every step

when your sunshine turns to grey


Keep your head held high my love,

I raised you to be proud

Stand up for what you believe in

And make sure your voice is loud

This poem is about: 
My family


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