The feeling of loneliness, and abandonment.
Feeling like everything is a loss.
The feeling of walking around inside not knowing where you are or why you're there, you just are.
Feeling like everything you know in your heart is all wrong, and having to learn all over again.
After all you have put into this, after all the love you've put forth, it's all lost. After everything you have done and all the love you gave, they leave.
Abandoned once again wondering what you could have done so wrong that they left you to figure it out on your own. Wondering why. Wondering.
Disoriented. Devastated.
Lonely and scared, not knowing what will happen next or when it will happen, it just will.
Feeling like you have just vanished into thin air after no one seems to notice you anymore.
Feeling forgotten. Feeling like wasted space. Feeling destroyed.

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Our world
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