Losing you


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You were my best friend you always had my back,
You said you supported me even if I ran back,
I listened to my heart and it told me to take him back,
I wish I never done it I wish I could take it back.
He told me he was faithful and changing for better,
Jazmin tried to take him & he said he wouldn't let her,
I believed every word he said,
This is what led our friendship to an end.
He lied to me & I took his word over yours,
You were pissed & wasn't going to tell me anything anymore,
I understood everything you were saying and what for,
My eyes were like the rain & when it rains it pours.
But consider how I feel for a second,
Having you as a friend was the greatest blessing,
I should've listened, there's my confession
because I made a mistake & now I’m feeling unpleasant.
But thanks for everything you've done it’s been real,
You’ll always be a part of me I hope this wound could heel.
I lost a boyfriend but it's not as big a deal
As losing my best friend, so how do you think I feel?

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It hurts to lose a bestfriend. It hurts to lose a boyfriend. Try losing them at the same time.

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