Losing Love


He became distant

Speaking for five minutes

Leaving me with “I love you’s” and unanswered questions

Goofiness gone, conversations short.

He looked at his phone, hit ignore, and left with his friends.

Once innocent before this newfound freedom

Engulfed his mind, twisted his mentality like a deformed tree.

Running wild, losing focus, forgetting his lover


His sincere eyes now wandering, his timid lips

No longer mine, and that annoying awkwardness



The ease of letting go overweighing the option of staying put

Cemented in indecisiveness

He overslept again. Nestled in her arms and holding hands with deceit

Will he realize these mistakes before it’s too late?

Maybe if I wouldn’t have ignored that jabbing feeling in my gut

Abandoned ship before it wrecked, I would have realized

It just wasn’t our time.


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