Losing Grip


You told me once that before I was yours,

All you could think about was holding me.

So when you finally could,

I felt that desire you expressed

Seep through your skin and burrow

Into mine, and it began to fester within me.

Your arms embraced me with gentle strength,

And I knew then that you did not want to let go,

And neither did I.

In the beginning,

Our goodbyes would last forever

Since we could not seem to untangle our arms.

The thought of you leaving and not feeling your touch,

Even for a short amount of time,

Was enough, is enough, to make me miss you

With every cell.

But I admit,

Although goodbye is goodbye,

You made them beautiful,

And I looked forward to the next time I had

The chance to share one with you.

But as time went on,

Your goodbyes became shorter,

More rushed, and anticipated

And your grasp on me loosened.

You hold me now like you are always ready to let go.

I feel like I could slip through

Your arms that I love so much.

Your touch,

It doesn’t have the same hunger anymore,

The one that would nourish my belief that

You wanted me as much as I wanted you.

Have you had your fill?

Cause I haven’t.

I love you,

And I want you, still.



Wow, I'm left in awe by this poem. So beautiful, I love your choice in words (:

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