The Loser who Wins


Behind the screen is not what it seems.

I don't imply that I'm a phony

But what appears is that they think they know me.

I must say behind virtual filters, are more filters.

Internet, society, reality, and sanity.


Behind an avid internet user is a human

under human is a girl

descended is me


In front there's no we, it's them.

In back is no us, its me.

Not wanting to be wanted

Not wanting to be unwanted

Alone or accompanied

Who would know what am I to be.

Every thought within its own thought.

Pros and Cons never gone.

This brain and personality

Because of these, I question my sanity.


Behind the filters is someone crazy

Erased blemish, brightened complexion, beautiful smile

Instead, visible imperfection, untoned surface, and a look of denial

Because this is what both media and reality, made me.


Girl to human

Human to web user

In real life, I'm a creative, pretty, and all things more.

If that means loser then it's settled.

I rather always lose than to be, belittled.

If you're not fond of me, it's all ok.

Do the usual and just ignore.

But I get advantages, more fulfilling joyment, and expanded ways.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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