Lorax Commit Suicide;Permanent reaction


Spending the day stuck in a simple bowl                          A

Not able to whine or merely talk at all                                 B

Named the Lorax he has but only one goal                       A

To leave his bowl without a dreadful fall                            B

After many long months he decides to act                        C

He wants to go to the ocean and not come back             D

Finding Nemo's journey did he want to react                    C

Against the fishbowl did his little head smack                  D

Until he realized there was a better way                             E

From his counter home he sees a sink with a drain       F

With hope in his head he fled his home to the bay          E

Jumping out he felt breathless, then full of pain              F

The final air gulp, set his plan in motion                           G

But dead, he could no longer swim in the ocean            G    


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