Looking for something

Sun, 04/27/2014 - 15:52 -- jjsw123

One day, an old man came up to me and asked,

"Child, What are you looking for?"


I responded by saying,

"All my life, I have been looking

Looking for something that will change me but, I always stay the same result

Looking for something that will bring confort but, I always find sorrow

Looking for a friend that would truly be honest, but they always end up stabbing me in the back

Looking for a place called home but, I always find a shut door

Looking for a chance but, I always luck out

Looking for God but, I always find false saints

Hoping for a dream but, reality always come back

I looked high and low, right and left, across the world, through the galaxy, but I still didn't find

anything. So, I just give up because even if I find it, it won't make a differences."


The old man looked at me up and down and said,

"I think you found everything that you needed."

I laughed at him but, stopped when I notices that he was serious.

I nod me head, so that he could explain.

"I want you to think about this. Everything that you had asked for has come from your heart.

So if I was looking for your heart, Where would I find it.

Would it be in your chest?

Would it be in the way treat others?

Would it be in your actions?

Would it be in the way you talked to people?

Where would it be?" the old man said.

I thought about it for awhile, then said.

"In my hands."


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