Looking Into My Mirror of Mystification



Yes, there is a hyphen,

Yes, “Marie” is capital.



Until you know the bona fide me.


With my sidekicks.

Lover of lively, eventful schemes

Artsy and crafty


Protected by William

(aka The Military).


Who is never to be found.

Matthew, well he’s just the budding one--

No one really pays for his two cents.


A lover of elongated runs,

Only when agitated...


When pursuing to give my unicorn a bath.

Long walks

Down dark cold alleys.  

Hablando en Español,

¿Porque no quien entienden lo que dije?


Who feels angry when awakened prematurely for church,

Losing things, to the tornado within my room,

When people don’t reply when I text them--

Seriously, I could be dying!!


Who needs reassurance when feeling down.

Icy Hot after long practices,  

And an occasional ice bath--

Playing with my baby dinosaur can be rough.

She bites...


Who gives small things…

Believes I should pay something forward--

I could change someone's day.

I spend money

For shoes I really don’t need...I’m a addict


Who fears the boogyman

when in the basement.

Letting people know the true me,

The one people run from.

Never pursuing my dreams,

For fear of rejection.


Who would like to see one act of kindness

turn into a domino ramification.

Visit the place where my idol,

my mom, grew up.


A born inhabitant and a long-lasting dweller of Washington, Iowa.



Yes, kind of like a wheel.

Hence the nickname “Wheels.”


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