Look at that treeAll scratched

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 12:13 -- Aubbah

Look at that tree

All scratched up and worn

With it's branches turning 

Towards the sun

And even with it's diversity

It remains flawless

The branches provide shade

For the continuation of wordly existence

So even if that tree isn't beautiful to you or me

The birds that live in it

Or the aphids that it rests to sleep

Find it's it's beauty

Pervasive and replete


You and I are like that tree

As simple, yet intricate

Breath takingly magnifiscent

As nature's creations


I accept my diversity

And acknowldege my beauty

I am a multitude of actions occuring in perfect unison

Respiration,  synthesis, educated thought, movement

I am marvelous

And thus my dear, we are all marvelous



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