Look Back

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 05:24 -- Gvsh

How I know you won’t turn on me

If I asked you

How I know you won’t murder me

If you had to

How I know you won’t take the charge

Because I ain’t ask you


Always had to look back at competition 

Facing the apprentice 

They said I couldn’t spend 50 up in neimans

I did it just for that reason

Gave 30K for the cause 

Everybody trying to tell me to get it all

One on one 

I’m the one involved 

They pulled up and saw I was in charge 

I saw it in the air 

I want all the smoke 

Got me amped up

Off a roll

They saw I pulled up ghost

What lovely swans 


I’m staying in the frame

Picture by picture 

It’s all worth it



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