Longing to Arise

Behind her mask,

Is someone whom nobody recognizes.

Hidden and disguised,

By secrets and lies.

Appears mighty and strong,

But little do they know,

They are so wrong.


Behind the closed doors,

Deep into the core,

Is a woman trying to swim,

Looking for shore.

Wanting to escape,

Wanting to explode,

A person whom woman in the mask,

Fears to expose.


Little do they know,

That behind the rock is a diamond.

All they have to do,

Is extra time in,

And come to the conclusion,

That behind the mask,

Beneath the secrets,

Below the lies,

Behind the opaque, grey clouds,

Is a beaming, luminous sun,

Longing to arise.

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Your poem was amazing, i really enjoyed it. 


Thank you very much!


Beautiful :D


Thank you!

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