Lonesome Love

When she watched the love filled movie with the happily ever after
She was hit with all of her happily never afters
All the times they beat and bruised heart
Until it was black and blue
And a few times she thought it'd never beat again
Never pump blood to her stuffy head
The head that was pounding because of all of the hurt and pain and tears she had cried over the years
So tired she was of being THAT girl
"Always a bridesmaid never a bride"
Bouncing off the 10 story walls in her head
Shouting at the top of its subconscious lungs
"I told you! You'll never be loved. Your not meant to be in that type of movie!"
But watch those chick flicks she does
And yearn for those moments is who's she's become
Never to be the mysterious girl
Who's seen and beheld to be the one he yearns for
Destined to never be the fair maiden
Unhappily ever after

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