Loner by Circumstance, Not by Chance


I'm a protector, though it may not seem

like this feeble stature can hold up the theme,

I strive to preserve, to keep and to hold

the balance of nature in all times and all folds.

To many, I'm know as the artist and creator,

and most I'm known as a stoic,

and although these are true,

I ask them to question

the predetermined facts and opinions.

Because I just might be the force to reckon with

When your life is on the line.

As an enemy I'm terrible

as a friend I am mighty.

As a friend I'm irreplacable,

As an enemy I'm unsightly.

So stop relying on the unrelyable

and casting me away so tritely,

stay and give me a chance to show

that my loyalty is exemplary.


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