Lonely Notes

Lonely Notes

I feel myself go on repeat
Lecturing on how I don't want to be hurt again
Why do I have to fucking repeat ?
All the guys I dealt
Is just like the previous hand I dealt before
Not genuine
I should of known
But I always go against the grain of my 6 sense
Poking my 3rd eye saying you're blind remember
But if I feel , who gives a shit if I can't see
They were times where I fought myself to breath
Couldn't believe that I fell for hypocrisy
But to fall truly inlove
Everyone has to bleed once
My cynical gestures are just me being bitter because I know I've been played But who
My pride reign strong
So I personally don't give a fuck who did
How selfish can I be
The selfless side of me say margaret that aint the right thing to do. & gets runned over
But I fell into the habit of pointing everywhere else instead of my own reflection Because
I allow
Thinking they'd love ...me
Once again hurt people hurt people
Because they don't know no better
& heal people cannot heal them
Cause It'd drag you down into a deep dark place I seen it happen
The only one who can heal them is themselves
It starts w/ you .
As of me on da capo al fine
I'd just have to. take a step back & observe
Because obviously something aint right
My ambition is built by my anger

Don't ask why I'm just an angry child
I just imagine the friction my fist would cause to your face &
I stare at you for no apparent reason don't fucking ask Cause its the only way I can
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