Lonely Love


It is you that I am missing.

All of your hugs, as well as your kissing.

We were once so tight, so close,

The new distance between us binds me in ropes.


The love is still there, I hope you know,

My heart goes with you, where ever you go.

I know our distance in miles is a pain in the ass,

But know this my darling; this is a test we will pass.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder,

Is a phrase I will use, no longer.

With you not close, so far away

It’s my heart, as well as my mind, that will pay.


I hope you know how much I try,

I don’t want to lose you to another guy.

It would shred up my heart,

If your guy “friend” broke us apart.


Distance is not easy; we talk about that often…

You’re the one I want to be by forever, even in my coffin.

To others this might seem mildly or even EXTREMELY obsessive,

But what we go through and have gone through is impressive.


We are meant to be a pair, just like a shoe.

P.L.R. I really really do.

Hunny….  I love you.


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