The Lonely Boy

Death says to me
Come here my boy,
I'll take you away

I think, "I can finally flee"
I am not playing coy
The pain will go away

I love the idea of living
But the pain wont go away
Just like a knife to the heart
And I dont want to live
Feeling this way
I dont want to live at all
I have no love
And nothing happy
In this thing they call life

I wish I had a friend
If pickiness was an option
But anyone would do

I thought I would be happy,
If I could find someone good
But there is no good in site

I am suicidal
But I cant bring myself to do it
I am waiting to find someone good
Or to save another life
To help a girl
Who feels like me

I dont hate
But myself

I am giving up
Slowly these changes are coming
I want to cut deep
Deeper than ever before
Sharp and precise
Smell the iron
See the red
Feel the warmth that she could never give
Make me dead

If you could
Make it easy
I don't want to hurt anymore
I want to stop feeling
Make me satisfied
Take me away
Kill me

I am ready to leave
I am ready to go
Make it easy
No one needs to hurt for me
They dont deserve it
I need to leave

This is me
This may be the last

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