The Lonely

It would be so sweet

If the gaze of those darling eyes were fixed on me,

Tantalized – simply mesmerized by what you see

Or if the curves of your lips - urged by my fingertips

And provoked by my eagerness

Pressed down on where I could not resist.

It would be so sweet

To have those strong arms hold me.

Instead, I embrace the lonely – My arms wrapped around the only

Feeling that truly knows me

Maybe if I try hard enough I can dream you into reality.

Or am I putting up a pointless fight?

Holding on for dear life

To an unraveling seam – unraveling me

Until I’m completely undone

And you’re all that’s left of me

Because I made you a part of me,

The part that fills the empty –

The part that fights the lonely.




You can't always have the one you want... 

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