To Lonely

Fri, 11/29/2013 - 03:45 -- mmd324

I stole this bottle of wine from my parents.

The bottle say red.

I once heard my father say it is romantic,

an hour later 

it was thrown at my mother's head

I didn't want your pity,

that is not why I came.

I needed you, '

so much i couldn't breathe. 

And something is breaking inside me.

It should have been white. 

It signifies surrender.

A letter to lonely

with all our memeries in case

you forget what it feels like 

to get drunk with a mate

with a bottle of wine

I should have brought white. 

I am drowning in the sick reminents 

thoughts of our nights.

When I was too lonely 

no I am sorry come back

I didn't mean it

I never mean it

To: lonely

Come back

From: me


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