The Lonely


United States
34° 0' 14.7924" N, 84° 39' 30.15" W

Lonely is my heart that little sees family,
For I live away from home and loved-souls.
Away from familiar faces, to pursue dreams,
I abide in the state of sunshine and citrus,
While loved ones stay with peaches and pecans.
It is because of my dreams and wishes,
That I train away in Miami for ballet.
Every day I go and train for hours,
Only to come back to a lonesome abode.
Longing for company from family and old friends,
I talk on the phone, but it’s not the same
As seeing those faces in front of my eyes,
Those encounters of love, so hard to come by.
I yearn for tight hugs, for smells from the kitchen,
For all the small things I once took for granted.
I miss the cuddling with my beloved pets,
And watching my brother score goals for his team.
The simplest pleasures I once didn’t notice,
Are now so precious whenever I go home.
Lonely I sit at my companionless table,
Eating in solitude, no one to listen
To my day’s adventures, however dull they are.
For now I stay to train hard in ballet,
To achieve my goals and grow strong day by day.
I hope for the times, when I see those faces,
But now I train, to achieve my ambitions.


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