Lone Wolf (I Am Without A Culture)

What am I?

I have asked myself this question for a very long time.

But, it’s not that I do not know

Or have doubted myself for a while;

You see,

I do not fit in.

I do not fit into these neat, little circles:




I am multiethnic.

I am a combination of many cultures,

It makes me unique;

Like an unusual

One-of-a-kind gemstone

You find hidden in

A deep, dark crevice within the Earth’s crust.

My multi-ethnicity is both a blessing and a curse;

Because of it, I am shunned to the outside of those circles.

Many think that this concept of not being accepted should bother me --

The truth is, it doesn’t.

I am a











I am without a culture.

I am okay with this,

I do not say much,

I tend to be shy

Being invisible to most;

But, I have a strong heart

And I can do anything

Once I set my mind to something.

All people see though is the color of my skin.

They try to place me into a label

In order to make themselves feel better

And put their minds at ease.

The problem is that I do not fit into a single label;

Because there are many

That I do fit into

Due to my multi-ethnicity.

The issue with that is  

The belief regarding those neat little categorizes.

You’re either from one circle or the other;

Not two,

Or three,

Or four,

Or even seven,

But, I ask you, does skin color really truly matter?

It is just melanin after all.

So, why do we judge each other by our color?

Why do we hate each other for our different skin colors?

I believe that it doesn’t matter;

People should not be viewed on what is physically on the outside.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in today’s society;

Where who you are is ultimately defined by your culture and skin color

Not by the person you are inside.

This notion is absurd!

So, I ask you --

Are we not all human beings?

Don’t we all share the same DNA?

Don’t we all bleed the same color ---





Without a filter or a mask on,

I am a lone





I am without a










But, I am not the only one out there.

There are many others like me;

Unique combinations which are not accepted by society,

Unique individuals judged by their physical appearances;

We hide in the shadows of the circles

Silently watching society from a distance

Waiting for the day we will be accepted. 




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