The Logical War


United States
44° 18' 18.9936" N, 72° 57' 35.3196" W

Government—take to court the injustices all about;
Find not a solution, so at thy enemies flout:
With thy sovereign voice shout down the other man
And send to war the Poor, the slaves from your clan;
Send them off to dig their own graves,
And leave behind all their loves for an eternal span.

Politicians—glorify the struggles of thy slaves
Across the great strands of water and waves;
Make claim to the virtues of fighting thy enemies,
While claiming it all to be done with such ease;
Yet, doth not the thought of fighting,
Cause thy body, in its whole, to seize?

Soldiers—listen to the songs They are singing;
Hear the voice that claims you are “patriots”—being.
Let them say that as a patriot you must simply go along;
As a “patriot” you must listen to the siren’s songs.
A patriot is one who sensibly keeps peace for the nation,
By giving his life to correct some unknown wrongs.

Civilians—let Them steal away thy relations,
And tell you it’s purely for the good of the nation;
Let Them rouse you, by usurping your beliefs;
Let Them kill your kin and send you to grief.
Find not one moment when the drums of war don’t beat,
And thy people aren't dying off like nameless leafs.

Time—steal away life from beneath our feet;
And cry out to us the true fouls of war in your bleat;
Tell us there will always be another war;
Tell us your thievery is as unending as the ocean’s roar;
Thus, men should not strike at one another,
For thou will always give us sore, all the more.


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