locked in a jar

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 13:38 -- mxllika

o the terrors of being

locked in a jar


(to have a 360-degree view

of a world u can’t touch

what is life with an airtight lid

hold ur breath

amidst muffled speech

is it really safer?


perhaps it takes away

the uncertainty of failure

how could mistakes be made

within confinement

what if it’s the only way

you know?


but surely the warped vision

of rose-coloured glass

wears off

is it possible to

fake the feeling of freedom

through the transparency?


take two steps

only to be met with a clink

and a searing headache

“this can’t be forever?”

murmur it to urself until

it’s no longer a question)


i’d rather be in the real world

and walk with my eyes closed



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