Live a Long Life

They say life is fast, that it passes in the blink of an eye

I had trouble believing that until my best friend died

Now my dreams are haunted with her decrepit screams and cries

And the one wish I have this Christmas is that she had lived a longer life.


Long live the dying

Long live the healthy

Long live everyone trying to be wealthy

Long live those with cancer, who spit in the face of fear

and to the rest, to all that perservere

Long live the ex-colonized, the ones that answered their calling

Long live the everlasting ghost of Halle Selasie

Long live the Christians and Muslims that get along

and those that see Jesus quoted often in the Qur'an

Long live the athletic trainers that learn new tricks

and those laying in the hospital as quadrapalegics

Long live the dyings' last words, and the sentiments they carry

Long live the caged birds, who chirp for freedom hysterically

Long live the judges, granting a defendent a blank slate

Long live the activists, who know that freedom cannot wait

Long live those that stay up late and read books

and Long live those that don't care too much about their looks

I hope they see their own beauties in their lifestyles,

no matter how erratic, strange, or wild

Long live the devoted, may they never stop calling

Long live the holocaust survivors, may their story never be forgetton

Long live the sun, and all of its soothing rays

Long live the moon, that separates the days

Long live the patriots, when they have trouble fitting in

Long live the expatriots, aiming to be global citizens

Long live everyone who hasn't come out yet, we hope to see the real you

Long live the rape survivors, and all who believe you

Long live my friends, my enemies, and all in the middle

Long live the friendships with their own bumps they are riddled

Long live the air, the grass, the trees,

they all may not be here the next century

Long live democracy and long live freedom

Long live the wounded and the nurses that heal them

Long live those that can read, along with those that can't, since

we all have our own stories and own circumstances

Long live anyone searching for an explanation

and to those that protest for guarenteeing the right to an education

Long live Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela

Long live the water that falls at Seneca

Long live the train of progress, may it never run out of fuel

Long live the unsung heroes: the horses, the donkeys, the muels

Long live those that did much but are unsung at random,

like Huey Newton, Booker T., and Fred Hampton

Long live MLK, and the movement he inspired that lasts to today

Long live those that move their own way and refuse to ever stay

Long live the night owls

Long live the early birds

Long live the people who help those that smelled fowl

and those that can't think of the right word

Long live the hip-hop artists, the modern day poets

Long live everyone with talent and not afraid to show it

Long live those that left their homes to be sailors

Long live those that outlived their dictators

Long live the scientists that follow their passion

Long live the children that always imagine

Long live the dreamers, that dream all day long

Long live the singers, who sing beautiful songs

Long live the poets and the art that they defend,

even though through all, the keyboard has replaced the pen

Long live poetry's archaic charm - and it's modern feel

Long live every poem that reads like a highlight reel

Long live those that see boundries and start testing

Long live the poets that use their art for their own expression

Long live the reader

Long live you

Long live the idea that your dreams will ultimately come true

Long live your spirit, that you take with you into your battles physically

Long live your aura, may it radiate victory

Long live the bold, and those that worry and fret

Long live everyone who has not stopped reading yet

Long live me,

even though I'm only seventeen,

I hope I live long enough to be content with my life and full of glee,

but we just need to wait and see.



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Our world


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