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Tue, 01/03/2017 - 23:30 -- Bravo

finessing  death, romanticizing life

I waited for her

fighting  night terrors

I live my dreams to replace the horrors 

I seem to sort of 

  fall off the edge, you see i'm boader 

                                                                              line fine

just a penny shy

shorting a quater  

putting in work, never let them say I'm "out of order" 

young visionary 

my visions vary from here to Europe

reading my Torah, Ahk

I cannot afford to 


cause they plot on my unborn sons and unborn daughters 

a lot will be lead to slaughter 

like sodom and gomorrah 

renew my strength mount up like eagles in the sky that's soaring

i'm foreign

i'm touring terrain remaining unexplore

claim my dominion not my opinion

thus says The LORD 

old things will pass away 

that's why i'm out here pulling cords

no weapon formed against me shall prosper

no matter what they forge

they tried to take my life with their tongues 

did it with no remorse 

I went against the grain and pain 

inevitably came


I was strange in my own way 

never rushing

every dog will get his own day

from the bottom thank God I came a long way

i went the distance 

no looking back although I'm reminiscing 



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