The Little Things in Life

It's the little things in life, those aha moments, that are awesome.


Approaching a red light as it turns green.

A person holding the door for you.

Butterflies in your stomach.

The smell of fresh coffee.

A child's laugh.

The first chip from a freshly opened bag.

A wink from the one you love across the room.

Stopping the microwave at 00:01 sec.

The touch of velvet.

Finding loose money in your pocket.

A mother's hug.

The perfect ratio of rasins, chocolate, and peanuts in trail mix.

The roar of the ocean.

Turning the clock back an hour.

A soldier's salute.

The steam from a clean dishwasher when it hits your face.

A delivered letter from a long lost friend.

An intimate night on a rooftop bar.

Knowing your blessed with the life you're given.


Pure awesomeness.

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Our world


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