Little Things


Sometimes little things remind me of you

and the horrid things that I'd like to do 

like get Brittany Perry to fuck your boyfriend

or beat you to death over and over again 

Give you paper cuts between all of your toes

or cut off at least half of that tucan sam nose 

anything to make you feel the pain I felt 

too late for you bitch your cards have been dealt 

sometimes I dream of things I would do

yes, dreams not nightmares, though the visions are cruel

I'm not quite sure I could take a life

but if I could? You're the first to be knifed

All these little things that remind me of you

make me wonder if this will ever be through 

Will you always lurk in hte back of my mind?

Will I get livid, angry at party city signs?

You're sorry ain't enough, I need you to cry it

I wanna beat it out of you, but you're steady hidin'

Every one says just move up and move on

but the little things keep me hanging on

One day I will see you, who knows what I'll do?

kill you, or fight you, or smile and move through 

What ever it is I am sure you don't care 

This didn't change your whole life, and that's just not fair 





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