little rose under the weeping willows tree.

 weeping willow tree  of the  meadow,long green leafy sapling tree sweeping

the sky with each breeze a little red rose. long green stem, silky  lavishing bright

red petals drifting high in the sky blessing  fragrances far and wide 

little rose honey bees from a far pollinating every bud under

the willow tree of the meadow the beauty of bloom sharing its beautiful

colors to the world. its time to say Goodbye..It's hard  to stray away, 

it is time to say   goodbye so little  time to say goodbye..taken my love

away say goodbye..and yes it hurts, it hurts so bad..but there is nothing

I can do to make stay..I still love you today..I don't want to leave  to

say..goodbye  I can't go on. .but here I am still Holding on 

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