Little Red and the Wolf

Once upon a time

In a land of song and rhyme

Was a girl named Little Red

With a hood upon her head

Who traveled through the wood

Carrying all the cookies that she could

To Grandma’s comfy home

And past the massive tome

That was leaves and trees and sticks

And everything that nicks

Past boulders, rocks, and stones

And rotting withered bones

Through a forest long forgot

That the girl should not have sought

For once it turned to night

Out came everything that bites

Like bugs and wolves and bears

And things that like to tear

But the girl was not afraid

Though very much in pain

For up above so high

Was a full moon in the sky

And once she began to turn

Growing teeth and claws and fur

A single thought remained:

That she was going quite insane

And that nasty bite mark on her jaw

Was not so harmless after all


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