Little Girl

A girl born mid February
Such little did they know
Soon leaping, skipping, dancing girl
They planned to watch her grow
They took her home that very night
Without a second thought
Raising a young child together 
That joy cannot be bought
The child grew with a golden heart
She sang, she talked, she danced
Her parents were proud as can be 
She put them in a trance.
The young child kept her golden heart,
But grew always thinking
She formed opinions of her own
Her parents pride, sinking.
They wondered in great confusion.
"What happened to our girl?"
She didn't fit the family name
Plans began to unfurl. 
Stuck in a world of disarray 
The girl was so put down
She thought she was to be herself
Now scared to make a sound
A life of color, now dull gray
She hid inside her shell
Stuck between crazy and quiet
Her mind a living hell


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