little boy little girl

Like a Concrete Jungle

Animals of the street

standing on the corner bringing all the heat

brown buidings

look like sideways slaveships

hold about 1000s people

in each complex



eating doritos

dogs bark

children play

see his boxers a block away

hear them arguing in the street real late follow 

police bang

call her a bitch out in public 

nigga nigga nigga

chinese place open

she fight her

walk past the lit candles of where he got shot

bought the wrong flavor dutch be right back

childhood friends are mothers living with mothers

"boys i like became undercovers with undercovers"

trap trap trap 

see the green all around can you see can you see?!

"get money"  trembles the heat waves

first eye blocked by chicken wings, soda and that chemical

so face down he lay on the ground

cuff metal arms behind his back

another one shot he's an item

behind bars

though he didnt do it

walk home 

mommy has her boyfriend over this evening

go to cousin house play on bike 3 in the morning

little boy little girl saw the whole thing



This is very good. The emotion is shown very well. Beautiful piece!

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