Little Angel

A little angel that's much too grown for her wings.

Broken hearts and broken dreams.

Faith is shattered and she doesn't know why.

She can't even remember how to fly.

She's stuck on the ground in her mess.

But she doesn't want to confess.

She wants so badly to be that innocent child.

Her mind has grown way too wild. 

When will she know what her purpose is?

Searching for these answers that don't exsist. 

Questioning her life and her ability to be.

All she wants to do is flee.

The problem is, she doesn't know why.

There's absolutely no reason for her to cry.

She escapes God as He tries to reach her.

She finds it too hard to trust her life to the words of a preacher.

She wants so badly to have faith in His love that is so pure. 

But who in the world can know for sure?

When she was young, there was no question.

She never found it hard to believe in these lessons.

But now... how can this be true?

Is there really an all-forgiving God for me and you?

This little angel that's too grown for her innocent heart,

She has to remember back to the start.

Back to her child-like ways.

Remember back to her child-like faith.

Those were the days when sadness was spilled milk.

There was no such thing as unrelenting guilt.

This sweet angel just wants some direction.

She wants so badly to be this nonexsistent perfection.

She's trying to be something that isn't real.

She doesn't even know what she really feels.

She wants someone to tell her what to do.

But that's not how God works through you.

He doesn't just point and tell you to go.

He teaches you lessons, helping you learn and grow.

But for this angel, the lessons just get in the way.

She really just wants everything to be ok.

She doesn't see the point, she just sees the pain.

She has forgotten there's always sunshine after the rain.

Innocent minds have enormous hope. 

That's how this angel has always coped. 

But now, she wonders if she lost her belief. 

This darling angel just wants some relief. 

The broken-winged angel needs to learn how to fly.

Maybe she's just too damn scared to try.

Her imagining heart has recently turned.

Reality stings her like a burn.

What this angel will do, she doesn't know.

She has to allow herself to grow.

For now, she must look at the overall pictre.

She will look back on this and see that it made her bigger.

She must love others for who they are.

This will help her reach the stars.

She must find that faith in whatever she decides to believe.

This angel must have faith in herself to achieve.

Her peace of mind is the key to her joy.

She will learn her dreams aren't some throw-away toys.

One day she will repair her wings with faith.

One day she will refill her dreams with grace.

One day this angel will once again fly.

And one day so will you and I.


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