The Lit Candle


United States
38° 57' 10.9512" N, 94° 38' 23.5284" W

There are people around our Earth
Who fight for life through lack and dearth
There are thousands without clean water
And mothers who starve to feed their daughter
Our world can’t be a perfect place
Whilst we assume one’s traits by race
And abuse some due to gender
But there is hope, for we can render
A better place for our kids and theirs
If we mend the social fabric’s tears
You ask what I’d change in the past?
But that’ll accomplish nothing fast
There’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking
But as we plot, opportunity’s shrinking
I’m focused more on present day
And improving tomorrow as much as I may
We care only for making our living
As we disregard the value of giving
But there’s so much more that we can do
For we’re at the top; the lucky few
We weep for those affected by war
But forget dirty water kills far more
Causing 80% of diseases
We can’t move forward until this ceases
These people can’t afford a well
So come a drought, they fight through hell
For only a twenty dollar fee
One person gets water, and a future; that’s key
But we have more to worry about
The road to equality’s a difficult route
Women and children sold to the sex trade
Suffering the brothel, they pray for a raid
With 1.2 million kids sold every year
Not just in Africa, Asia, but here
This is a subject that we shun as lewd
But I can tell you what’s truly rude
Turning our backs on women worldwide,
A broken system we just fortified
Today we live in a marketplace
That’s global in nature; it’s a shared space
But we ignore sharing’s definition
For it has no place in our capitalist mission
People worldwide just need some aid
And cooperative economics means we all get paid
Perhaps you don’t have money to spare
So send them a loan to show that you care
The issues are many; the topics diverse
More than I cover in this simple verse
But I have a lifetime I’d like to commit
The passion is here, the candle is lit


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