Listen To Me


A young child, excited for the world.

A mother, brimmed with envy, says to she,

"My you're getting chubby, little girl!"


Suddenly, the world was cruel, and the world was vicious.

The girl wanted no friends, the girl revered in distance.


After years of torture, after years of fright.

She picked up a camera,

She picked up her life.


A personal struggle of starvation and darkness.

Created a strength.

Created a spark.


In my degree, I take what I see

and create beauty.

The fraction of seconds in time, to capture light.


I give it back to those who need it.

I support their strength.

I raise their esteem.


I write to show pain, I tell what I've been through.

I explain to sons and daughters.

Being thin isn't what they need to do.


A photo can change one self image.

I can help those around me.

I show it within them.


So listen to me.

For I am what you're looking for.

For I am what you need.


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