Listen !

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:06 -- 193749


I stare into my brothers' eyes

to see the icy glow

of the history untold

and the present to behold. 


While we speak words of ticking keys

and blink behind the screen of lies

The starving children cries

in the midst of the seas. 


History may not repeat 

but changes in many ways

While we cheer to succeed

many are trying to survive a day


Like ants under the upper hand

they go on without  a care

But until we notice 

it will be too late to be in despair


So go on with the social lives

from the upmost spirit and attitude

But remember those

who are stuck in destitute


If their screams are not heard 

then you prepare an ear

and to make sure

to wipe away their tears. 








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