When I look at this little girl I realize she is all alone

Feeling that she is going through all the hurt she feels on her own

People do not notice what I see in this little girl’s heart

She has fallen out of this world; she has fallen apart

She has been tricked, abused and broken. But still waits for someone to save her

The ache she feels kills her inside and out and begins to scream!

But not loud enough to get the attention she needs

Tears start running down her face

Trying to find a way out of her misery and striving for that wonderland place

Knowing she’s dyeing but no one reaches out to her because she is invisible to the world

She has the ability to feel and be loved

But gets taken advantage of

Nothing will ever replace the pain she has felt

This little girl has already lost herself and begins to cry for help

By the scars on her arm and the fear of living life,

She constantly cries

Tired of the pain, tired of people leaving her, tired of being forgotten, unloved and lied to

Oh how much this little girl has gone through?

She prays to god to give her answers of why she is the way she is and being treated the way she has

Nothing ever gets answered but still has the intention to ask

Why doesn’t anyone ever hear her cries in the night or see the sadness in her smile?

The pain does eventually go away… for awhile

All she wants is to love and be loved

And so this little girl continues to sit in the rain

Continues to scream out until someone does hear her pain

All they have to do is listen!


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