My small hands pressed into the bark of an old oak tree 

It seems to whisper ancient things to me 


Standing on a beach 

The sand beneath my feet 

The roar of the ocean calling me away


Earth is alive 

I can hear her heartbeat 

In the whoosh of the North winds 


Raindrops hit my bedroom window at 2 am

Thunder rumbling louder than the voices that fill my young heart with doubt 


Swimming in the lake 

My arms propelling me forward 

I’m not a just a blind girl in the water 

I am free 



A flurry of snowflakes dancing in the winter air 

I turn my cheeks up to the sky 

I laugh 

I am happy once again 


The campfire crackles 

Warmth Incases me in a glow of hope 

I used to be so scared of tomorrow 


We sit near the waterfall together 

For once, I don’t wonder what it looks like 

I just listen listen listen 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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