Listen these days I feel enslaved in my thoughts left to rot in prison.

Try and hear me out like van-goh, because I can go on...forever.

Let that thought linger while I recall the moments when you slipped me the finger.

That was before the rapture certain moments I wish I captured.

But at the time I wasn't meant to be in the frame.

Had a partner of your own but it wasn't my name.

My feelings were hurt.

Heart dropped to the ground, covered in dirt.

Had no choice but to brush it off and paint a new picture that I saw.

But I always came back to the same old piece, because it helped me find what I yearned for most, peace.

Finally granted what I wanted but, I made you feel unwanted.

Selfish when I should've been selfless.

But i'm sorry I just couldnt help it.

Wasn't used to all the love and affection.

When I finally got it , I did what I knew best... reject it.

Neglected, but respected you as a human being.

Sometimes I feel like you don't see what i'm seeing... in you.

Or us and what we could've

Felt like flowers in the early stages of blossoming and it got plucked before anything really began.

I tried to prove to you that I was good for you.

Your response? was that you found someone new.

I don't give up easy without good reason.

But you said these days feelings change like seasons.

Not mine, they ain't never went nowhere.

Thanks for listening, hope the message was clear.


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