Lingering Thoughts

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 02:10 -- smalls

It’s crazy because even in a matter of time you still linger in my mind and I keep on pressing rewind to look back and reminisce on old memories 

like damn Gina you really did something 

It wasn’t your touch or the way you looked it was something about you that shook the inside of me and attracted all of me 

I mean.. 

maybe you are so addicting because your personality is so comforting

 or maybe you are so addicting because your voice is so soothing

Or maybe

You are what’s good for me

But no!

I need to stop 

I need to let this fantasy go because I know for a fact you are not the one

In my mind I can make up so many scenarios but never will it become a reality 

But it truly moves me how addicting someone can be

I mean it’s been four months since I’ve hit you up but believe me sweetie the thought of you is stuck on me permanently like a tattoo

I knew I never had you but maybe I was wrong..

What should I do so you could notice me?

Should I move in silence because I heard those are the loudest steps. 

Should I ignore you? 

Maybe the lack of my presence will make you feel uncomfortable


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