Lines of Life

Since the beginning of my teenage years, I was a glass cup under a constant running tap-I was constantly overflowing with emotions.

I found immediate relief when the release of words, that swarmed my head like bees, were typed across a page in a permanent ink.

My invasions species of thoughts were being contained in a new cage.

When my words found the page, everything started to make sense.

The dull buzz of insects ceased to plague my mind.

In those moments I found serendipity.

I knew peace.

And in the end, I grasped a new world I had designed with only my head, heart, and hands.

With every new piece, a sense of surety rushed through my body and rattled my bones that being alive was the right choice to fight for.

When I was drowning in tears,

When I was suffocating under the weight of my own thoughts,

Poetry threw a lifeline into a treacherous sea and taught me to survive.

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