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Don't know where to draw them
Not to cross them
or how to drop them
if she's fine
Then so is the line
Between mutual attraction
And unwanted attention

Lines drawn in the sand
Get washed away
In waves of passion
And you become hazy
On whether she asked for it

Lines that will fade
When your faded and wasted
When your judgment’s slow
But your actions hastened
A line if coke
A couple smokes
She'll never even know

A mixture of failed pick up lines
And sexual tension
You feel inadequate
Or you seek attention
But you get none
And you can't "get some"
So you take matters into your own hands

I mean why wait in line
When you can go and grab it?
Taking something that's not yours to take
Just so you can have it

She may be that hotline
That every guy has called
That doesn't mean she deserves
To be forever scarred
We all have flaws
And all seek to be loved
And sometimes we do things
Just to feel good enough
Because her values are not Decided
By the length of her skirt
Her worth not determined
By the fit of her shirt
She deserves respect
And she deserves love
And she should not be told
To cover up

We've all heard the lines
She asked for it
She shouldn't have wore it
She deserved it

On the front lines
A war on women
We’re all conscripted
whether you're a
A whore or a virgin

Line of victims is long
It could be anyone
your sister, girlfriend or mom
One, two, three,
Fourth one in line
Because one in four women
Get assaulted in their lifetime

Lines that are blurred
When you’re dating
Is it still considered rape
If she said maybe?
Walks the line
But stumbles over
Most rapes happen
By someone who knows her
Or even
The lines that make up
Her family tree
Because many abusers
Are also family

We've all heard don't get raped
Like it’s a decision that women make
We never hear don't rape
All because it takes
The blame off the victim
and puts it on you

She must have asked for it
She must have led him on
She could have walked away
When he forced himself upon her
We make all these excuses
Try to vindicate the guilty
And bully the victim
Into believing they’re filthy
But they’re not!
Whether they’re homely or hot
See I’m trying to connect the dots
And show that women are not
objects to be sold or bought
Women are beautiful creatures of God


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