Lined faces and open spaces

Who am I behind the mask? 
Behind the mascara and the blush, 
Behind the permanent scowl etched onto my face. 
Who do I become when I leave the confinement of those school walls everyday? 
Who am I without the heavy books and mountains of papers filled with letters and numbers that don't even matter? 
Who am I if I don't have structure, organization, plans? 
Am I even a person anymore? Or am I some kind of robot they've created? 
Who am I without God or prayer or love? 
Who am I if I don't have family or friends or caring teachers? 
Who am I without struggle, discipline, honesty? 
Who am I? 
I struggle and I cry and I work hard everyday because I know who I want to be. I want to be better and stronger and more knowledgable. 
I want to spread hope and joy and make the world a better place to live in. 
So maybe I wear a little too much mascara and I intimidate people because I frown too often, but I don't pretend to be somebody I'm not. 
All these things are who I am, there's not a word or anything to describe who I am because being me is just enough. 
So yeah, I wear a mask and it's called my face. It keeps me together and it tells people who I am. 
My face is a mask, but it is not a filter. I don't hide behind it.
 All the crazy, exhilarating, and even boring things I do will be etched into my face in the form of wrinkles. 
So who am I beneath the mask? Who am I when I'm alone?
I am me. And I am all the things that make me up and I love myself! I do, I love myself! 
And I love my mask, my face, because there's nothing else like it, there's no one like me. I don't know why someone would want hide her true self, it's the most beautiful thing about a person. 
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