Lights will shine bright.

Bright like sunshine high in the sky, but don't get to close it may not delight.

Bright like the sun it shines, yet it lies.

That little light does shine, does it not?

Yet it that light could shine too long then......pop.

It's gone

Gone like a heart that used to be so full, now that little lights inside you is dull.

How could something that used to shine so bright be as dark and empty as the night.

Will that light light ever shine again?

Or will it stay dull looking as if it had died?

Never again will it shine so bright, it's now out of reach and out of sight.

But...don't worry.

That little light will soon be replaced.

No need to try, please no use to cry.

Keep a smile on your face knowing you were once so bright.

You once shined as bright as the sun in the sky, but....was it you who had lied?


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