Light in a Dark World

We spend our days

trying to be someone

only to spend our nights

realizing that we are only ourselves.


I find myself in this position too

trying to fight the world's opposition

only to hear the opinions of the crowd

realizing I'm not the same.


Twilight hides me

from life's harshness

In the coarseness of

it strong branches

I find peace.



Somewhere east

a light shines

To guide those

who are trapped in the

world of Darkness


In my world of Twilight

I hear cries of pain

not only my own but

the same refrain


Searching I go to find

the source of such a cry

When I saw the reason

for such a cry

I begun to understand why


A body lies on

the cold ground

Breathe stolen from it

friends gathered around

heads hung down.


I look down at

my wrist and I see my scars

Knowing that I can relate

to how she was feeling


Since that I told

people how I felt

And some of them listened

others turned away.


Those who listened

stuck with me

Those who turned

taunted me.


When the day came

that someone was down

I was there

to help them out.


When the day came

that someone wanted

to hurt themselves

I was there

To keep the mar away.


To make a long

story short

My cries were hear

and they never stop.


Light became apart

of my world

I became apart

of it too.


No matter how

dark it got

A light always

guiding the hopeless and brokenhearted

to it.


I'm the Light in a Dark World

This poem is about: 
Our world


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