A Light in the Dark

I always thought my life would never be dark

That I would always live in light

But when last year I was in a place that left a mark

Something that would prove that I'm not all right

Scars all over my arms that were there because of self harm

I realized that I needed to tell someone 

So that I could tell what I have done

But not just a random person, no

A trustworthy loved one

I felt like if I told my mom or dad

I would become the daughter they didn't think they had

Then I thought of my two best friends

Both of them were second to none.

And I knew that they could be trusted with a secret this large

So when I told them about my problem, I asked if they wouldn't mind if I showed them my scars

Both of them said of course, 

So I rolled up my sleeves and bravely held out my arms. 

The looks on their faces were enough for me

And I knew that they would would not flee.

I secretly thought that they would run

That this would be to much for them. 

But they did more for me than I could have hoped

They picked up the phone when I called

They responded each text with support and a loving heart.

A light in the dark

They made my world bright!

If it were not for them

I would not be who I am today

I would probably would not be here at all 

And if my life is once more bleak 

I can always count on them to catch me

When I fall


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