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The light has risen again
I'm out of this bed,
But I cant sleep and my eyes have turned red,
trying to see things alternative to this bed

I see infinaty
With eyes in the sky
Make me realize this is a dream
But still I can't fall asleep

Spending every waking day
Searching for something to validate
your lifes existance or why you came to be
But you're lost and you want to be

Be someone who believes
But you're having trouble
People seem to always want to show that they know
Still you seem uncomfortabe

And you wonder if you should stop listening now
To your mind whos wanting you to see
But you want too go past reality and find what's true

Its infinate, the circle of what has to come to be
I have came across the flowers and weeds
Listen and keep quiet
They will unlock all there is to see.

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