Life's Secrets

Tender love
Fragile heart
Delicate balance,
Constantly searching

My dear, you are special
Be you

You can’t find your other half
If you haven’t found yourself

Who you are
Is who you’re meant to be
As much as they
Are meant for you

Choices, options, selections

Don’t worry about it
Time will tell

In the end you will always have yourself
And the Lord.

Young love, young life
You’re growing
Developing, finding yourself,
Finding your future

And you will find where you need to go
You know deep down
The Lord will help you
And you will succeed

No worries,
Take a deep breath

Life is short
And it’s the growing that keeps us alive
The challenges that help spread our wings
Overcoming the boundaries that show us what we’re made of
And finding that believing in the Lord, yourself, family, and friends
Is what will get you through

Look to those who have always been there for you
You can’t change what they think, their views or opinions
But it doesn’t matter
Regardless of everything
You have to be you
And maybe that means losing others

Like a flower
Shedding those petals that threaten
The vitality of its own soul
And it’s very essence

I love you
Will always be there for you
And will help you in any way possible
I see the brilliance, the inspiration within
I will support you no matter what
Because I can see

See with me
The potential

The world is full
Of twists, and uncertainty
We never know, what can be
What will be

So all we can do is have faith in the Lord
Put it in His hands
He will lead the way,
You just have to open your heart
Willing to follow
And all will work the way it’s meant to be


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