life without you

Does it feel different when you are gone? the house is empty there's no one home.

I'm hearing vocies when I'm all alone life without you is like a rainy day. When you left the pain I felt made the sun run away. And it's never coming back even if I prayed for you to come back. Our family ask about you they said where have you been I told them you left the man up stairs called to home. they funneral was long we even sung your favorite song. It brought tears to my momma's eyes she broke down screaming no" God  no" please bring your back why. Momma I feel your pain please don't cry grandma left all her children God why did you take my grandma I just don't know why  she never couldn't harm anybody all she wanted was to be loved never judged 

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I feel like it's hard to say good bye to someone you care about and it's even harder to stop thinking about that person as life goes on we all try an cope but as soon as we hear a song that reminds us of them we shut down as if we done heard the news of his or her death.

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